Anvil Table Top Gas Fryers Will Delight Your visitors

Anvil Table Top Gas Fryers are deep fat fryers that are designed to create a variety of deliciously crispy melted food with قیمت اجاق گاز رومیزی little bother. You’re able to fry French fries, chicken, food from the ocean, fish and much more. These gas fryers are reliable catering equipment that will bring your visitors back for more.

The Anvil Table Top Gas Fryers are fashioned with function in mind. They have hinged doors which allow for comfortable access to the control device, draw device and the ignitor. The entranceway also protects the ball device handle from accidentally being opened which could lead to injury. The frying tanks are all made from high grade 430 stainless. They are fully welded and exactingly tested to ensure high quality artistry. In addition, all tanks have an effective cold zone which keeps food allergens and other air-borne pollutants out of the cooking zone. This prolongs the oil’s life and promotes clean healthy cooking. The more expensive of the Anvil Table Top Gas Fryer units features two independently controlled frying tanks that allows for greater versatility when frying.

This kitchen equipment has a 10 liter oil capacity with stainless line baskets and will efficiently fry a wide variety of food products. It has a variable heat control from 66 degrees to 230 degrees Celsius and is able to reach frying temperatures very quickly. For added speed capability, it recovers to the operating temperature quickly between loads. Also, the tube steel design allows for better heating.

Catering equipment like that one must have safety features. A flare failure safety device is fitted in case the flare fails. If the flare fails the gas will automatically pull the plug on. Due to the ball device being located behind the entranceway, there is no chance of accidentally opening the device and burning yourself. They are given regulators and use LPG gas. These safety features ensure the safety of your staff and your customers.

The Anvil Table Top Gas Fryer works for restaurants, canteens and eliminate establishments. You can fry any foods such as French fries, fish, chicken, food from the ocean, and other delectable food products. As the name implies, these units can be placed on a table top or on a counter top. If you own a mobile catering establishment you could travel with them. Alternatively, customer happiness small size they are great if you don’t have much space in your commercial kitchen.

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